Cloud-based solutions offer good value to enterprises that want to process and analyse drone data as they offer faster processing times without the need to set up dedicated infrastructure.

Drone surveying a mine

If you are an enterprise adopting drone surveys for your infrastructure projects, you need to be sure that the data coming in is accurate and reliable. Just like traditional surveys, data collection and processing methodologies play a very important role in procuring high quality data that your engineering team can use effectively.

With large amounts of data coming in from drone surveys, there is a fair chance that you or the commercial drone operator you have engaged is using a cloud-based data processing solution. Today, there are more than a dozen cloud-based processing solution providers in the market. Most of these providers use what is called “computer vision”-based approach for processing your images. Few services also offer “traditional photogrammetry”-based processing that is very manual and relies on a ‘skilled person’ to process and get you different outputs. Moreover, radial distortion in the lenses makes traditional triangulation techniques almost impossible to process. Computer vision-based processing takes advantage of the latest developments in the field of computer vision and powerful hardware to get you higher quality outputs that are more accurate.

Despite all the improvements in software and hardware, some key aspects of photogrammetry have not yet been fully automated to get engineering-grade reliability. Human intervention is often required to achieve desired results. Parameters including camera and control point parameters need to be fine tuned and verified for projects which require meeting positioning accuracy standards. Also, most of the automated DTMs (Digital Terrain Models) do not offer very accurate results and require human intervention to generate accurate reports. Therefore, most of these cloud-based processing solutions that are completely automated offer outputs that cannot be relied on.

At Sensehawk, we believe in a hybrid approach. The process is semi-automated to speed up processing without compromising on the quality. Our data team makes sure all the parameters are optimized and data is quality checked before it is delivered. We also offer DTMs that are generated with the latest techniques to extract terrain from the data. We use powerful cloud computing with enterprise grade security to do all this so you get the best of both the worlds.