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Drone data analytics for the solar industry

Drone data analytics for the solar industry

SenseHawk is a software and AI analytics solutions provider with deep domain expertise in Solar Industry. The SenseHawk team has over 30 man years of leadership experience in Solar. We work with drone partners across the world to deliver value added drone data based analytics & insights to our global solar customers. So far our solutions have been used on over 28 GWs of solar plants in over 15 countries. 

SenseHawk is growing rapidly and is looking to partner with drone operators globally to help our analytics customers execute their drone surveying requirements. Our drone partners help us ensure our customers have a rich variety of drone, sensor and support options. In return, SenseHawk solutions customized for the Solar industry help drone partners effectively sell their services to Solar customers.

SenseHawk is trusted by 80+ companies in the solar ecosystem. SenseHawk Core platform has several best in class features including an easy to use visual GIS interface for viewing analytics output and productivity tools that helps customers translate the insights into actions on the field using the mobile app.

SenseHawk provides enterprise to enterprise drone analytics solutions for the solar industry. We service a wide variety of customers and are looking to partner with drone operators globally to ensure our analytics customers have the best drone, sensor, and support options.

Inspection Protocols

  • RGB camera imagery at 1.5-3.2 cm GSD & IR sensor imagery at 3-8 cm GSD
  • Preferred 640 x512 resolution for IR sensors
  • Compatible with popular drones/ sensors.
  • SenseHawk standard flight operation manual & guidance support included

Project & flight management

  • Easy to use visual interface for data upload, processing and analytics
  • Solar specific workflows and outputs 
  • Regulation compliant, detailed guidelines for smooth project execution
  • Experienced project management, communication for customer satisfaction
  • Local pilots with mandatory licensing, insurance compliance

Robust Analytics

  • Analytics engine catering to terrain, construction monitoring & thermography requirements
  • Visual dashboard to view features, measurements and run queries
  • Analytics suite tested at scale with plant sizes upwards of 700+MW and across 15 countries
  • Integrated with proprietary task management and field productivity tools

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