Capture & Visualise

  • Import site design files with numbering at tracker/ inverter/ combiner box/ string level
  • Automatically identify progress on construction features like roads, trenches, fences, cables, trenches, SWPPP using drone imagery
  • Automatically identify progress on construction components such as mounting structures, modules, inverters, trackers
  • Capture inventory information using mobile app bar code scanning feature¬†
PVCAD files with mounting structures, modules, inverters, trackers data
Use high resolution 3D surfaces to track construction progress

Progress Monitoring

  • Civil works: Roads, trenches, control rooms, SWPPP
  • Material Installation: Mounting structures, modules, inverters, SCBs, cabling, transmission infrastructure
  • Inventory: Laydown yard monitoring, pallet placement
  • Equipment usage: Track equipment and vehicle movement to ensure efficient utilization
  • Construction quality: Monitor leveling and grading, pier heights and tracker alignment using high-resolution 3D surfaces

Control Quality

  • Execute punch-lists on site on the mobile
  • Create and assign quality control checklists for field execution
  • Make decisions on construction issues in real time with documents and discussion features enabled in app
Solar site quality control checklists, punchlists execution
solar panel warranty design data sharing field and project team


  • Create tickets in Desk/ App and use the geo-navigation in app to reach the problem area in the site
  • Upload photographs, discuss with team members and mark resolution of issues
  • Access warranty/ product information in the field on the mobile app
  • Filter & view issues on site by priority, team member, type of issue

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