Design, build and
operate your project better.

  • Built-in GIS module for insights into site planning
  • End-to-end construction management with stage-specific progress trackers and reports
  • Interface-agnostic workflows for both office and field teams
  • Modern collaboration and just-in-time access to information
  • AI-powered defect detection, tracking, and remediation

Asset Information Model

AIM is a system model of your assets’ digital twin. It digitally represents the physical and logical connections between PV modules, balance of system (BoS), and command and control infrastructure on the site.

It is the SenseHawk SDP’s nerve center and governs, informs, and enables the flow of information between other tools, your physical site, and SenseHawk so you can take intelligent actions at each stage of the asset lifecycle.

Visualize your site on a screen with views of linkages between physical assets. Quickly access associated crucial information about components, attributes, hierarchies, and relationships. Import geospatial reports, plans, sensor data from drones, and SCADA reports.


Create a single strand of data for every component on your site that stretches from initial designs to final in-the-field usage. Thread these strands to see timeline views of performance and issues. Enable data-driven monitoring and management plans for your assets on-site.


Let your teams see real-time system views. Afford performance assessments and spot issues and anomalies without site visits. Determine potential impact from associated data, including the exact location of anomalies, and reports as they are added.


Design, build and operate assets better.



Know is a modern, custom-built, mobile accessible GIS for all your site planning needs. It integrates raster and vector layers from ALTA + drone surveys, hydrology studies, land use + ecology maps and CAD, layers it all over Google or Mapbox base maps in an input-agnostic interface, and enables location-specific views that reduce plan times and support construction.

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Complete desktop land studies for site evaluation

Evaluate energy potential, see interconnection points, and leverage land use data for planning and approvals for your site.

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Access all your GIS and CAD data in one place

From pre-construction infrastructure planning to SWPPP and permitting, access the data and insights you need for site planning in one interface.


Design, build and operate assets better lorem ipsum.

Our software improves productivity and enhances performance throughout the asset lifecycle Our software improves productivity and enhances performance throughout the asset lifecycle.

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Punch Lists

Import & organize site information, design layouts to support construction planning. Log progress information, issues, punch-list resolution, QC checklists.

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Field work

Use tickets, checklists, punch-lists to streamline on-field work execution. Use mobile app to provide information to field teams and identify, report & drive issue resolution.

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Quality Control

Track construction progress from anywhere on desktop/ mobile with color coded sitemap linked to completion status (civil/ structural/ electrical). Use drones or manually entered progress data



Resolve issues faster with integrated anomaly detection and task assignment. Navigate right to the problem with the map-based mobile application. Automate ticket creation with Work and assign field tickets based on issue severity. Access checklists, fill out reports, take photographs, record component replacement, and track serial numbers. Locate related files and documents easily, including warranty information, flash test data, work history, and more.

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View all anomalies on a map

See every anomaly on your site on a map with all associated details. No-fuss uploads of all your reports ensure you get an integrated view. Navigate to resolution faster with a map-based mobile interface supported by data through AIM.

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Drive remediation with integrated systems

Easily locate all defects and identify and prioritize problems that are critical. Integrate data from reports and filter by defect types or by temperature gradient. Assign tasks to field teams to evaluate and remediate defects. Add checklists/docs to manage processes.

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Fix defective components

Detect and easily locate defective components on a thermal map of the site. Simplify data collection and access installation files and warranty data with AIM. Use the integrated bar code scans to identify batches for timely warranty claims and replacements.


A full-featured solar construction management system, Build integrates project scheduling, jobs assignment, on-site reporting, workflows, quality control, documentation and stakeholder reporting.

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Manage solar construction projects end-to-end

Import and share project schedules, view Gantt charts, Scurves and reports. Track project metrics and progress and performance. Ensure compliance and safety conformance with mobile friendly reports and observations.

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Organize your project data

Manage documentation from design and project files to HOTO and closeouts with version control. Enable easy access for your entire team to share, comment, and markup documents.

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Reimagine punchlists

Streamline punchlist resolution with automated generation of punchlist items, integrated field observations, and forms with configurable workflows. Review at-a-glance daily reports on your dashboard, ensuring timely closeout.



Ease tracking team members and keep them informed of their schedule. Use forms, tasks, checklists, and workflows with the field worker-friendly mobile app with in-built map views and details from the AIM for the only end-to-end feature you will need to manage work.

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Centralized file repository

Create a centralized digital repository of all files from pre development, to construction and operations, including contracts and files, designs, plans, reports, and audits. Enable controlled access to the latest version of documents for field and desk teams.

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Speed up resolution of issues with observations including videos and photographs from the field. Automate task assignment and ensure closure, with forms and fully configurable workflows to track and record completion.


Bring modern communication paradigms to your project, both at your desk and in the field. Help teams find just-in-time information, plans, and documents and the authorizations they need to get their job done. With configurable real-time push updates, keeping your teams in the know doesn’t get easier than this.

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Jobsite Coordination

Ensure information flows for the entire team– from project managers to field workers. Help your teams collaborate and share information in real time. Coordinate effortlessly between teams with access to the latest versions of designs and files, automate assigning tasks, and ensure the job gets done, every time, with standardized forms and workflows.

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Get the right process oversight with structured data captured in templatized forms, and fully configurable workflows to track and record completion. Assign tasks automatically and track progress to verify closure on your customizable dashboard.

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Keep everyone in the know

Share schedules and progress with all stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page without having to work through lengthy meetings and complex Q&A to extract relevant information.