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Navigation, ticketing, checklists, reporting and more. For iOS and Android. Site operations reimagined

Punch List Management

  • Navigate your jobsite as effortlessly as you navigate with your favourite map application.
  • Quickly add items to your punch list or create observations while walking the site.
  • Easily collaborate with contractors and notify them of work to be done.
  • Add files, photos, checklists, and send notifications/reminders.
  • Assign dates and subscribe for notifications so that no issue falls through the cracks.
  • Simplify the punch list process and speed up closeout.

Quality Control

  • Digitize quality control with digital forms and checklists.
  • Easily attach QC tasks and forms to individual components/blocks onsite.
  • Eliminate paperwork by recording information with handheld devices.
  • Automatically detect non-compliance and create workflows for remediation.
  • Take the pain out of collating information and getting agreement from all your trade partners.
  • Easily integrate with your existing PM system using powerful APIs and professional service support.
tickets punchlists checklists for solar site work

Progress Monitoring

  • Use a combination of digital forms and drone data to track construction progress.
  • Use drone maps for routine counts of components that are visible aerially (module mounting structures, roads, fences).
  • Use digital forms for all other components that have to be tracked manually (wiring, civil works, buildings) as a proof of record for construction.
  • Get a comprehensive view of construction progress with SenseHawk’s system as it collates data from both sources.

Collaboration & Reporting

  • Contextual chat makes it easy for techs to get help from experts back in the office.
  • Simply tap on the chat icon and send text, voice, video to ask or answer a question.
  • Eliminate end-of-day work with automated reporting of task progress.
  • Create dashboards, PDF reports, graphs, charts, and more using customizable reporting tools.

What’s in it for you?


  • Help your crews stay on top of the big ticket items without busywork to tie them down.
  • Take the pain out of accurately reporting construction progress to owners and trade partners.
  • Expand your existing PM system to deliver productivity and save cost without the heavy lifting.
  • Simplify incident reporting, tracking and resolution to reduce risk.
  • Work with multiple stakeholders and trade partners without breaking into a sweat.
  • Reimagine your punch list process and closeout on time, every time.


  • Digitize and organise critical asset data for quick retrieval and advanced analytics at any time in the future. 
  • Monitor, track, manage risks and issues in real-time without dealing with paperwork and endless meetings.
  • Simplify collaboration and communication with your EPC.
  • Track compliance and quality from anywhere.
  • Reduce man-hours lost to oversight and focus on things that matter.
  • Get access to all site information on a simple site map.

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