The SenseHawk team consists of a group of solar, computer science and GIS professionals from diverse backgrounds

Rahul is a leader with a track-record of building global businesses and shaping national policy. He was an engagement manager with McKinsey & Co. and managing director of SunEdison in India. He has experience building large and profitable businesses in South Africa, Thailand and Australia, and has developed over 1GW of solar assets, deploying $1 B+ capital. Prior to that, he worked in the semiconductor R&D industry in Silicon Valley.

Swarup is an engineer with a track record of innovation. He was a designer on the Simputer, the celebrated Indian handheld device, and lead designer on SATHI, a hand-held intelligence system for counter insurgency. He has launched product development programs for several semiconductor products while at Cypress Semiconductors and was most recently managing the Solar Irrigation business for SunEdison globally. He has rich experience in building businesses across geographies.

Saideep got started on his entrepreneurial journey as a 15-year-old, building network infrastructure solutions for small businesses. While still an undergrad student, he was consulting for several companies in the space of information security as a certified ECSA building out data center security software, firewall management, penetration testing, and malware analysis. He joined Sensehawk in 2017 as an ML engineer and quickly grew to lead the development team as the CTO.