SenseHawk Desk
A ticketing system built for solar

Mobile Ticket Map

Manage your site operations efficiently

SenseHawk Desk is a ticket and work order system that is linked to a digital model of your solar site

With SenseHawk Desk, you can create tickets and checklists that are linked to elements on your site, big or small. Starting with the full site, region, or inverter block and down to a tiny fuse box, tickets and tasks can be linked to any physical or logical element on your site

Assign priority, track history, initiate conversation and much more. All with an intuitive interface that needs little or no training to use

Seamless integration with SenseHawk Core applications

SenseHawk Desk is completely integrated with other SenseHawk Core applications to give you added functionality

  • SenseHawk Eye and SenseHawk Desk: Create routine checklists for construction processes, or one-off tickets for site rectifications

  • SenseHawk Therm and SenseHawk Desk: Rule-based automated ticketing for hotspots and anomalies detected

  • You can access SenseHawk Desk on your desktop browser or on SenseHawk App

Mobile Eye

Do more with APIs

Use SenseHawk Desk with your existing ERP, CRM and CMMS solutions

  • The open architecture in SenseHawk Core enables integration with most traditional enterprise software systems that provide APIs for access

  • Make your existing ticketing system smarter by adding features such as mobile GPS navigation, an intuitive map interface, and the ability to process rich GIS data