SenseHawk Eye

Stay on top of construction progress, in the field and at your desk

Monitor construction effectively on a digitized version of your construction site

  • Monitor civil works, measure progress, count installed parts, manage inventory and get data to plan better

  • Collaborate on the field with component tagged checklists and tickets for routine or one-off activities

  • Create views and share construction progress data through exportable spreadsheets and APIs to your ERP system

A 360 degree view of Construction Progress

Use our AI software to monitor civil works, material installation, inventory movement, equipment usage, construction quality and much more

  • Civil works: Roads, trenches, control rooms, SWPPP

  • Material Installation: Mounting structures, modules, inverters, SCBs, cabling, transmission infrastructure

  • Inventory: Laydown yard monitoring, pallet placement

  • Equipment usage: Track equipment and vehicle movement to ensure efficient utilization

  • Construction quality: Monitor leveling and grading, pier heights and tracker alignment using high-resolution 3D surfaces

Mobile Eye

Integration with other SenseHawk Core applications lets you do more

SenseHawk Eye integrates with SenseHawk App, SenseHawk Desk and SenseHawk Vault to create a powerful construction management system

  • Monitor progress, upload photographs, scan bar-codes, tag components with job tickets and more using SenseHawk applications

  • Use SenseHawk App to navigate construction sites with digital site maps, visualize progress, resolve open tickets generated on SenseHawk Desk and upload files to SenseHawk Vault
  • Use SenseHawk Desk to create tickets and checklists that are tagged to specific, geo-tagged construction components. Create a checklist for scanning module serial numbers or a quality checklist for tracker inspections

  • Use SenseHawk Vault to organize files tagged to any component on site.

Share construction progress within and outside your organization

Provide live construction updates with APIs and shared views

  • The robust user management system in SenseHawk Core enables information exchange within and outside your organization. Create access control rules and securely provide access to internal and external teams
  • Use APIs to Interface with internal and external ERP/CRM/CMMS systems