SenseHawk Terra offers advanced terrain data for your solar site

SenseHawk Terra enables storage, visualization and analysis of terrain information on a simple map-based interface. From preliminary site evaluation to design topography, SenseHawk Terra brings all your data together

  • Generate terrain information from drone images, contour map, or from Google Earth and SRTM databases

  • Evaluate terrain, download contour maps and more


Do more with your topography data. Try our terrain tools today

  • Check elevation profiles, spot elevation and cut/fill volumes

  • Visualize site in 3D

  • Export contours in multiple industry formats

  • Upload point coordinates to run multiple elevation queries

  • Track leveling and grading

Drone surveys done right

SenseHawk Core is designed to work with drone data. If you are using drones on your site, SenseHawk Terra is the application you need

  • Use your own drone or we will send an experienced drone operator to your site. We even have the perfect app to simplify data collection

  • Already have a drone survey partner? Simply upload images or reports to use all of our integrated features without any fuss