SenseHawk Vault
File management without clutter


SenseHawk Vault: The file system built for solar

Say goodbye to long URLs, slow FTP servers and fruitless email searches for that elusive CAD drawing. Say goodbye to digital clutter

SenseHawk Vault is built on a digital model of your site. To find a spec or a drawing, just click on the component on the map and access all related files. Whether you are looking for a complete site map, an inverter warranty document, or a module spec, you will find it

Seamless integration with SenseHawk Core applications

Vault integrates with SenseHawk Core applications to give you added functionality

  • SenseHawk Eye and SenseHawk Vault: Site drawings, construction staging plans, installation instructions

  • SenseHawk Therm and SenseHawk Vault: Module IV curves, handheld thermal images, module warranties

  • Access SenseHawk Vault on your desktop browser or with SenseHawk App on your phone or tablet

Enterprise grade security

Your information is safe with us

  • The robust user management system In SenseHawk Core enables information exchange within and outside your organization. Create access control rules and securely provide access to internal and external teams

  • Vault is built with multiple layers of security that work on distributed, dependable infrastructure. We support two-factor authentication and constantly update security features to keep your data safe