Simplify road planning, design,
construction & management

SenseHawk’s AI powered analytics & reporting tools provide decision makers with key insights into their projects which help reduce costs, ensure on-time delivery & improve quality.


Our Solution consists of three components

  • Flight control smartphone app, LINK, built for DJI drones that is specially optimised for corridor surveys
  • Cloud based front end, WORKSPACE, for creating a digital twin of your project, visualisation, analysis and reporting
  • Machine learning based analytics engine, Hawk.AI that enables automatic feature extraction and reporting of important metrics

Key features for roads in planning

  • Capture high resolution corridor contour maps to obtain precise OGL (Original Ground Levels)
  • Get unprecedented visibility into terrain features and potential ROW (Right of Way) issues
  • Improve accuracy of chainage wise quantity estimates for optimisation of quarry locations
  • Collaborate between development, design and project teams during design & planning phase

Key features for roads under construction

  • Accurate material tracking and management at campsites for cost control within budgets
  • Track key quality metrics
  • Remote visibility of entire stretch of road to monitor progress and discover issues early
  • Track progress of key structures like bridges, underpasses, overpasses
  • Track and manage deployment and efficient utilization of road construction equipment

Key features for roads under management

  • Monitor road surface condition over time