Manage Site Work

  • Plan, manage, and execute site work with tasks.
  • Easily navigate/identify work locations with geo-located tasks.
  • Identify defect locations through component-linked tasks that contain all relevant information including inverter, string, and module numbers.
  • Create attachments, sub-tasks, multi-user tasks, and checklists.
Tickets for solar site tasks with inverter, string and module numbers geolocated
create bulk QC tasks, assign to teams/individuals

Streamline Quality Control

  • Create and assign quality control tasks with checklists and instructions.
  • Use ticket and checklist templates to create bulk QC tasks and assign to teams/individuals.
  • Complete QC on mobile devices with the SenseHawk app, attach images, create new tickets.
  • Audit quality checks at any time with “checklist to component” tagging.

Simplify Management

  • Experience comprehensive work management with SenseHawk’s task management and ticketing solution.
  • Use the scheduling feature to create recurring & calendared tasks.
  • Attach files/images to any sub-task or checklist item.
  • Add users, watchers, teams, and followers to collaborate.
work management system for solar recurring and scheduled tasks
solar project management dashboards

Build Intuitive Dashboards

  • Track work status, delays, critical problems and more, on a configurable dashboard.
  • Enhance productivity and team performance and identify problem areas with a single click.
  • Track team productivity and identify problems.
  • Automate management reporting.

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