Slide The file system
for solar

Manage your files, folders without clutter with SenseHawk Vault

Sensehawk vault stores solar project files and documents securely

Add files from anywhere

Import files from your phone, computer or popular file storage platforms (Dropbox, Google drive, Onedrive)

Organize files, folders and link files to site model. Create & use tags to organize and search files

Simple and intuitive user interface helps find files without wasting time searching in email

View, search documents, share files and manage versions 


Upload files from mobile or desktop

Access Vault from all applications

Link and access files from any SenseHawk application

Attach files to tickets, upload images and files from app, view and upload files from Terra, Eye, or Therm

Link documents to component types and enable access from all instances of the component on site

View documents attached to tickets offline on SenseHawk app



Say goodbye to long URLs, slow FTP servers and fruitless email searches for that elusive CAD drawing. Say goodbye to digital clutter

Set hierarchy based access with separate access protocols for internal team members and for guest logins from external organizations

View active users and ‘watchers’ at all times and avoid risk of files  shared without expiry dates

Ppload files from Sensehawk Terra, Eye, or Therm
Hierarchy based access with separate access for internal and guest users


Security that works on distributed, dependable infrastructure

We support two-factor authentication and constantly update security features to keep your data safe

We are sensitive to requirements of data privacy & governance required by customers in different jurisdictions

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