Organize Terrain Data

  • Import and manage topography from multiple sources intuitively
  • Measure area, elevation, volumes, elevation profiles and more
  • Import, visualize and manage design layouts and revisions
Solar plant PV design layout and drone data for topography
Drones and analytics to monitor SWPPP

SWPPP / Drainage

  • Use drones and analytics to monitor SWPPP fence lines for overruns, breaks, silt accumulation and more
  • Measure retention pond volumes and collected water volume
  • Create proofs of record and generate automated reports for compliance


  • Measure elevation profiles, spot elevation and cut/fill volumes
  • Generate & export contours 
  • Upload point coordinates to run multiple elevation queries
  • Track leveling and grading
Elevation profiles, volumetric analytics, contour maps
Solar site civil engineering task management

Manage Civil Work

  • Create geo-located tasks and punch-lists to assign work to field teams and monitor completion
  • Use mobile app to create punch-list items during inspections
  • Manage and share site design documents, leveling/ grading plans and more

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