The world’s best construction monitoring and analytics system

An AI powered-UAV based project manager that monitors, tracks & assesses progress of your construction projects.

Manage your solar construction projects effectively on our scalable AI platform

Get accurate counts of Module Mounting Progress

  • Structural Elements (Rafters, Purlins, Vertical Posts)
  • Module counts

Track progress of essential B.O.S. elements

  • Trench excavation
  • Boundary wall construction
  • Inverter Construction

Monitor historical progress

  • Historical view of individual elements
  • Plant level progress
  • Date comparison tool

Check construction quality

  • Map views of up to 2 cms (<1 inch) resolution
  • Interactive 3D models of building structures
  • Deviations from design
  • Alignments and positions of tables

24 hour report turn around time

  • Communicate effectively with Investors and Lenders
  • Track project milestones
  • Plan supply chain intelligently


SenseHawk UnityTM is a cloud based platform designed to help you manage all your asset operations with a single software solution. Think of it as an operating system for all functions related to your asset. Applications that can be installed to manage every aspect of asset design, construction and operation, & tools to use the latest in data acquisition – from UAVs to IoT. Think of it as a digital twin of your real asset.