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UAV based aerial data solutions for Construction, Mining & Inspection

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Industrial UAV

We are building a portfolio of industrial grade products that will make UAV technology simple and safe to deploy, while meeting regulatory requirements. Watch this space for updates.

Process on Cloud

Making sense of the enormous amounts of sensory data that UAVs provide requires intelligent tools to extract actionable information. We are working on creating these tools and more. Open a project to take a look.


The Workspace provides tools to view and analyze data collected from missions. Visualize processed data, request for additional processing, use analytics tools and more. Create your account today and collaborate on your next project.

Value, Delivered.

Turnkey Solutions for Aerial Surveys & Inspections

Solutions for Solar

Perform highly accurate and detailed topographic surveys quickly and efficiently without the need for human presence in hazardous areas. Survey and process in excess of 500 acres a day, 10 times faster than ground-based land surveying.

Solutions for Construction

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is changing how buildings, infrastructure, and utilities are planned, designed, built, and managed. Data from UAVs help turn information into insight and deliver business value at every step in the construction process.

Survey & Mapping

UAVs enable high-resolution imaging (1 cm per pixel) to deliver clearer, richer images that empower better decision making through improved situational awareness. This new level of insight means better operational efficiency and cost management


The safety-conscious, cost sensitive Power and Utility industry has reaped significant benefit from using our professional skills in deploying UAVs. We can inspect your assets live so that your maintenance teams can focus on repairing identified problems instead of going on fault finding missions that result in costly circuit outage time.

Build Better

Save time & money and drive up efficiency

Fast data collection and processing

Survey large areas in a matter of days and avoid spending weeks with traditional ground-based techniques.

Accurate 2D & 3D maps of your job site

Download detailed and accurate maps your site for planning and monitoring with a single click. Never lose precision.

Seamless integraton with Industry tools.

Download data in several industry standard formats. Use your existing systems and extend their utility.


The Complete Package

SenseHawk provides end-to-end aerial data capture and analysis solutions to the Infrastructure industry. From planning missions and flying autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to data management and analysis, we handle it all. Our workspace provides you with tools to access and manage data and analytics with a simple web interface.

Respond Faster To Project Changes

Use high resolution data delivered by UAVs to quickly assess site conditions and respond to changes and issues. Never lose time trying to get a better perspective.

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