Drone Thermography for hotspot detection – Solar detection


  • Easily detect and classify defects on a thermal map of the site.
  • Use data from existing or commissioned surveys and simplify data collection with our app.
  • Upload existing reports without a fuss and use all our integrated features.
  • Claim warranty, based on the reports.
drone thermography of photovolatic modules identifies hotspots
sensehawk artificial intelligence classifies hotspot defects

Hotspot Classification

  • Detect hotspots, evaluate energy loss, schedule maintenance, track defects over time, and more.
  • Differentiate hotspot types using our AI-based algorithms that Pprocess drone-based infrared (IR) images.
  • Automatically identify defect locations on a system model and assign string/ module numbers to defects.


  • Use SenseHawk App to navigate the site, and locate and fix issues.
  • Configure our task management and ticketing tools to create and assign field tickets based on issue severity. Set up a workflow to automate ticket creation.
  • Access checklists, fill out reports, take photographs, record component replacement, and track serial numbers.
  • Locate related files and documents easily, including warranty information, flash test data, work history, and more.
sensehawk app geo navigation to PV defect on site
user team access management system for collaboration


  • Integration with our task management and field mobility solutions makes it easy to evaluate, locate, and fix detected issues even on large sites.
  • Create filtered views and share with external teams.
  • Easily share data with internal and external teams using a robust user, team, and access management system.

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