Custom-built for Solar, the SenseHawk Solar Digitization Platform (SDP) offers powerful features for every stage of your asset lifecycle. Built around an intelligent system model, the SenseHawk SDP keeps you in the KNOW, helps you BUILD, moves WORK forward, lets your teams COLLAB, and allows you to DETECT and remediate asset issues.


The nerve center of SenseHawk’s SDP, our Asset Information Model (AIM) enables stage- and stakeholder-specific use cases for all your work both onsite and in the office.

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Get actionable insights into site planning. Integrate layered inputs from SRTM, ALTA, and other surveys. Leverage in-built GIS to see location-specific views and data.

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Schedule projects, assign jobs, build workflows, configure quality controls, digitize documentation, and unify on-site and stakeholder reporting with a full-featured construction management suite.

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Make it easy for your teams to track and schedule work with forms, tasks, and workflows. Let our field-friendly mobile app empower them with built-in map views overlaid on asset data from AIM.

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Bring the power of modern collaboration to both desktops and mobile apps. Coordinate in real-time with job sites, enable just-in-time access to information, offer contextual communication, and alert with notifications.

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Get alerted to hotspots, see classified hotspot types, view defect locations, and schedule remediation tasks. Also evaluate energy loss and track defects over time.

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Reliance Industries Set to Back SenseHawk Inc

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is set to acquire a majority stake in SenseHawk through an investment of $32M USD; subject to certain regulatory and customary closing conditions.
The investment will be used towards future growth, commercial rollout of products, and R&D. RIL plans to use the SenseHawk Solar Digitization Platform (SDP) to roll out its plan to develop 100 GW of solar assets by 2030.

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