SenseHawk Core

Software for the entire solar lifecycle

What is SenseHawk Core?

SenseHawk Core is a powerful cloud-based platform with completely integrated applications to support everything from solar plant design and construction to operation and maintenance.

Powerful applications

  • SenseHawk Terra for terrain data processing

  • SenseHawk Eye for construction monitoring

  • SenseHawk Therm for thermography

  • SenseHawk App for site operations

  • SenseHawk Desk for ticketing and workflow

  • SenseHawk Vault for data storage and indexing

A better way to organize

SenseHawk Core enables you to link all your applications, files and information to a digital model of your site. You can access and share information, communicate, run analytics and do much more. On any of your devices.

With SenseHawk Core you can . . .

Reimagine all your processes and empower your personnel with the information they need

  • Streamline processes from pre-bid to O&M

  • Simplify collaboration and communication

  • Access all your asset data in one place

  • Track activities, information and results

  • Employ AI, drones, cloud technology and much more

Streamline processes

SenseHawk Core makes life simple. With an intuitive approach to data organization and exchange, its applications work to keep your teams synchronized.

  • Achieve high visibility without the overhead of additional reporting

  • Ensure everyone on the team has the same information

  • Plan and monitor effectively and without surprises

  • Connect the office to the site

Integrate data

SenseHawk Core is designed for flexibility. Almost any type of data, file or information can be handled by the platform

  • Support data generated by Drones and IoT sensors

  • Store scanned documents, spreadsheets, invoices

  • Create a historic record of everything related to your asset

Integrate data

Connect your office to your site

The SenseHawk App brings the power of SenseHawk Core to the site. Enable two way communication and data exchange without even thinking about it

  • Drive performance by reducing overhead

  • Track work progress effortlessly

  • Get a hawk’s eye view into your business

Making an impact globally

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