Plan Projects

  • Monitor all development processes and tasks on a single dashboard.
  • Digitize asset data and manage multiple sites on a powerful GIS platform.
  • Import layout options and simplify design management.
  • Store, share, and view critical site information.
  • Build data rooms with all development project files and provide granular access through permissions.

Monitor Construction

  • View all site and work information on mobile/tablet.
  • Use drone data analytics for terrain analysis and construction monitoring.
  • Track construction progress on a color-coded sitemap and add layers to monitor construction elements and materials.
  • Create users, roles and teams to manage work and streamline data access with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ensure quality control and punch list resolution.

Manage Operations

  • Manage locations of all sizes on a simple interface.
  • Visualize sites on a map and acquire all required information at a single location.
  • Create tickets to resolve alarms, assign work to distributed teams and individuals, from an intuitive interface.
  • Automate repetitive tasks; define work templates and checklists; schedule activities on site.
  • Ensure nothing is missed. Ever.

Civil Engineering

  • Analyze & organize terrain information from different sources (SRTM, ALTA/manual surveys, LIDAR, drones).
  • Manage design layout options and revisions.
  • Run terrain analysis functions (hydrology, leveling and grading).
  • Measure volumes, manage SWPPP.


Manage land options
Manage files and documents
Build powerful data rooms
Track development processes
Merge process and data
Terrain analytics made easy
Design Information Digitized
Progress tracking supercharged
Work management reimagined
Collaboration simplified
Manage sites of all sizes
Access Information easily
Simplify field work
Empower field techs
Monitor all your sites

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In the News

SB Energy USA Chooses SenseHawk’s SaaS Platform for Site-Operations Digitization

We are excited to announce that SB Energy, SoftBank Group’s US-based solar and storage platform, has adopted SenseHawk’s field mobility and asset information solution. The deployment will enable SB Energy to digitize solar site operations to achieve quick event-response and increase O&M efficiency.


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